We offer quality early childhood education, nurturing young talents and providing children with the skills and abilities that meet the trend of global development.

Based on the needs of child development, the aims of our curriculums can be divided into four major areas: “Physical Development”, “Cognitive and Language Development”, “Affective and Social Development”, and “Aesthetic Development”.

Through classroom learning and extracurricular activities, children will be able to be independence and obtain nine types of generic skills which are required in lifelong learning. Our kindergarten adopts different teaching methodologies, such as thematic approach and story book approach, etc. It will enable children to learn actively and delightfully in an inspiring environment. Children’s learning effectiveness can also be increased with of information technology.

Main Developing Items Of This Year
(1) Healthy School Life 
-Promote the message of “Healthy school”, create a healthy environment, and strengthen the children’s, parents’ and teachers’ awareness of health.
(2) Reading Culture 
-Promote the culture of reading, encourage our parents to read with their children, to cultivate our children’s interest of reading. 



Bi-literacy and Tri-lingualism

Open half-day Bilingual Class with 1 hour English and 2 hours Cantonese teaching every day. Our NET teacher teaches part of the main subject such as English, mathematics, moral education, etc. It allows our children to have more opportunities to practice daily English and to be immersed in the English learning environment. 

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Creative, Logical and Tactical Thinking

We are the first kindergarten group in Hong Kong introduces award-winning Korean curriculums (Magnet Blocks and Board Games) for Elite Education.

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Etiquette Lesson

Children will learn the social skills and table manners that will enable them to become polite, confident and self-assured young ladies and young men.

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Comprehensive Early Childhood Creative Arts Program

In 2015, 15 TWGHs kindergartens were honoured by the Award for Art Education in the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2014.

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Environmental Education

We plant different kinds of plants for children to observe, learn the ecological growth patterns and understand the importance of nature protection.

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