I am Principal Chou of TWGHs Lucina Laam Ho Kindergarten.

Welcome everyone to the website of TWGHs Lucina Laam Ho Kindergarten. I will share with you some of the information about the world's top early childhood education. I believe you wish someone would tell you this information too. Our school was opened in 2017 by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals to promote education and encourage exploration and creativity.

In this ever-changing 21st century, in order to develop students’ international vision and sense of world citizenship, education is essential for developing analytical and independent thinking as well as communication skills. Students are encouraged to be brave in expressing opinions, and be capable of adapting the ever-changing environment.

Early childhood cognition and social emotional development are of paramount importance. By using picture book and fine art teaching, children can explore the world and things happened around them with curiosity and their confidences in identities, language and culture can be enhanced.

We offer a multi-cultural bilingual learning environment, to help our students integrating into a bilingual and bicultural environment. When immersive bilingual learning environment, children can master their bilingual ability at their early childhood stage. Through the interaction and learning in lessons, to enhance children’s ability in both Cantonese and English, helping them to understand and respect different cultures, and become an elite who has global vision.

School is just like a society. Therefore, we must provide a clean, environment-friendly, and high quality school life, we also believe that we have to let our students feel our care and support. Apart from our professional team of teachers and administration and support staff with strong sense of purpose, marching to our goals with parents is the key of success.

The professional team of my school and I will do all our best, become the teaching partners with our parents. We will help our students to grow healthily and happily, let them learn with love and care, enjoy the opportunities of giving full play to their strengths, to consolidate steady basis for the future.